Investment Estimator

Demographic Information
Age   Designed for ages 18-64
Age limit is 18 to 64
Plan Metal Level   A gold plan pays 80% of total costs of care on average, leaving 20% to the patient. A Silver is 70% and Platinum is 90%.

Out-of-pocket Expenses   Estimated out-of-pocket cost ranges for the age-gender and plan metal value factors above. Low represents the lowest 20% and high the highest 80 or 95% depending on how the tool is configured and reflected the annualized amounts from a study on 3 years of claims data. Annualized OOP Per Month
Low - -
Average - -
High - -

HSA Modeling + Investments
OOP Cost Scenario
Multiple of Modeled OOP   Annual HSA contributions set as the multiple of estimated annual OOP expenses. The default is 2x.
Long-Term Growth in HSA Contributions   The annual growth rate of HSA contributions from current age to age 65.
Assumed Long-term HSA Return   Assumed investment return on HSA assets.
Annual HSA Contributions   Assumes half of HSA contributions are invested. -
HSA Investment Contributions   Cumulative HSA deposits over time. -
Years to Retirement   Modeled account value reflecting deposits over time as well as investment gains. -

HSA Growth Over Time

5 Yr 10 Yr at age 65
- - -