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Frequently Asked Questions

Client deposits project funds in escrow before the order starts. When we  complete the work, we will request payment from client. Once they will accept our request, the funds will be released to our developer. 

Unlike other freelancing platforms, we charge 0% service fee.

Client place funds in escrow with Upwork Escrow before the order can start. Once we request payment from clients, they will have 14 days to accept or reject the request.

If they don’t take action after 14 days, the funds are automatically released to the developer. 

Upwork act as a third party between our clients and our developers.

Both clients and our developer have the option to cancel the contract at any point before funds are released. In either case, the funds are returned to the client in their original form of payment within seven business days.

If, within those seven business days, a freelancer initiates a dispute, the contract is put on hold. Funds will be held in escrow until the dispute has been resolved. 

Our client and we will only be using Upwork for payments. Client will not need to create any account on Upwork. Once client and we agree on a price, we will email client payment request via upwork. After client make the payment, order will start automatically.

Client will have freedom to accept or reject a delivery. We have no hold on client funds. All funds are processed by Upwork. In case of rejection from client , Upwork refund 100% amount to the client.


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