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Engage user, collect data, generate PDF reports with interactive web calculators. Our Calculators can be easily embedded into your website. Features such as generating graphs,PDF reports and emails submissions will enhance your sales and lead generation capabilities.

We Design applications
for your needs !

Web Forms

We Design web forms including but not limited to contact forms, order placment forms, product forms and shopping forms

Signup & Login Applications

Develop Signup & Login Systems for your clients & employees

Convert PDF form to Web Form

Convert your pdf form into digital fillable form and e-mail the results to your subscribers.

Convert Excel to Web Form with Database

We can convert your excel formulas into a web form that you can embed on your website.

Real Estate Calculators

House Affordability Calculator—Calculate residential real estate affordability based on household income-to-debt estimates or fixed monthly budgets

Home Remodel Cost Calculator

Home Remodel Cost Calculator estimates the most popular remodeling projects: Bathrooms, Kitchens, Windows, Siding, Roofing, Flooring, New Heating, etc.

Fitness and Health Calculators

Health and fitness Easy-to-use calculators to check your fitness, weight and health.

EMI/Loan Calculators

Personal Loan EMI Calculator to check Eligibility and Monthly EMI payments and compound interest of Personal Loan.


We develop forex calculators with real time rates


We develop Crypto-Currencies exchange calculators with real time rates


We develop gold rate calculators with real time rates


Any finance-related calculations for your users - insurance, loans, debts.


Calculate prices for products or services in real time.


Calculate ROI of your products and services and collect customer leads.


Calculate the costs of projects or services online & easily.


Calculate any saving for your customers and send email to collect the leads.

Integrate with CRM tools to grow your business and generate more leads


Our Calculators are easy to embed on almost any websites & applications, thus forming a complete integrated calculation experience with e-mail marketing like Mailchimp ,Active Compaign.

All calculators are 100% responsive so you can calculate, generate leads on any mobile device wherever you are.

Mobile-friendly version increases client satisfaction as well as the number of users and customers you can deliver your interactive web calculators to. 

We develop calculators that are fully responsive and, therefore, easily usable in mobile browsers. That means you can access your calculators from mobile the same way you access it from the laptop and all the features will be available.

minimize your documents

Get user inputs with input fields,check boxes,drop downs

Maximize your Sales

Help your customers to estimate cost for digital services,you offer on your website.

automate repeating tasks

Convert your excel data into web database and get results with just 1 click !

saved to the cloud

Save users data on your server and maximize your sales.Know what your users needs and reach them.


Most frequent questions and answers

We provide service that reduces the task of creating an embeddable, mobile-frindly marketing cost calculators for your website.We can convert your excel spreadsheet into a live web calculator that you can embed on your website.

Yes,you can update rates ,variables and values in your calculator via our online portal.

Yes we provide MailChimp and Active Campaign Integrations with our forms and web calculators.You can easily send and track your users newsletters and offers at their provided E-mail address.

We believe in our clients satisfaction.We provide our clients 24/7 free support forever.

We provide easy to embed short codes that you can easily just copy and paste on your website.

After we deliver you order,you have up to 7 Days to ask for refund.If you are not satisfied ,we will issue 100% refund.

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These guys are a very proactive developers! Discover and fix all question for development calculator connected to a website and more. All the best!
Ceo & Founder metroquadroimolese
Excellent.Developers at Calculator Express goes above and beyond to provide the best work. This is my second project with them and they do it at their best.
Head Of Sales, packagexpresstt

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